Your Mother’s Day Gift Will Help Moms Stay Strong

Jackie endured his abuse for twenty years.  He told her if she left he would kill her and leave her children motherless.  The thought was more terrifying than the beatings.  She told herself she was strong enough to take it – for her children’s sake.  But when he turnedmothersday his violence against those kids, she found the strength to leave.

The Center for Women in Transition was there for her with shelter, counseling, and assistance in obtaining an Order of Protection.

Jackie and her children are safe now, but too many women face the dilemma Jackie faced.  Options seem limited.  Threats and violence keep them trapped in hopeless situations.  With limited resources, they see no way out.

Your Mother’s Day gift can help them begin again.  And when you make a gift of $25 or more, we will send a Mother’s Day card to a strong woman in your life.  Preview the card and make your gift here.


No More Silence: It’s Time to Talk

Did you know?  1 in 3 teens will experience physical, sexual, verbal abuse or threats while in a dating relationship.  Yet 3 out of 4 parents have NEVER talked to their teen about domestic violence.  It’s time to break the silence and break the cycle.


How do you start the conversation?  Ask a teen in your life:

  • What do you think a healthy relationship looks like?
  • Who do you think has a healthy relationship?  Why?
  • Who do you think has an unhealthy relationship?  Why?
  • Do you think fighting is healthy?
  • What does it mean to stand up for yourself?

For more conversation starters and to pledge to talk to a teen in your life on February 4, visit the No More Silence webpage.

“I want to say thank you for what you do.”

This woman’s story blew us away!!

“A few years ago, I had my first “big girl” job interview at CWT. I bombed it. Specifically, I left humiliated about how I answered the ‘how do you feel about homelessness’ question. I believe my response was something along the lines of, ‘well, that would suck.’ I knew the job was not mine the second I left and in a way, I’ve been glad because I’m very happy where my journey has led me. I would just like the chance to re-answer that question.

“With 3 months left in my senior year of high school, I became homeless. I had left my mother’s house due to emotional abuse. I was very lucky. My friends’ families and even a former teacher opened their homes to me. I never felt unwelcome. But I don’t think I could admit to myself that I had been homeless when asked how I felt about homelessness.

“Around the time of my interview, a family member was actually at a domestic violence shelter in another part of the state, getting ready to transition back out into an apartment with her son. They had been kind to her and her children. Just a month or so after my interview with CWT, she was brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend who had been released from jail prematurely.  He had been jailed for stalking her.

“Now, a friend is on your waiting list after I suggested CWT for her. I know your program will help her and her children. I know that is what you are here for. I want to say thank you for what you do. I have experienced personally and from loved ones the horrors of homelessness and abuse and you are an absolutely essential part of this community. I know how exhausting social work can be and I want to remind you that you give women and their children a chance. Even on days when no one is saying thank you, please know that the members of this community say thank you.”

We are humbled by this story and honored to provide shelter and services to women and children in crisis.  We thank this friend for sharing her story, and we thank YOU for giving women and their children a chance.

A New Start

What does it take to start over?  Strength, perseverance, determination, and faith.  womentransition140117__large

One resident recently shared her story with WILL-AM’s Sean Powers.  When you hear her journey, you will understand why we do what we do at CWT and why our shelters and services matter.  Listen to the full story here.